Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The F__ked Up Hong Kong Queen Sickness

I am tired. I am tired with girls with the f__ked up Hong Kong Queen Sickness. Why the hell I always have to be the guy to cheer her up, but she can always give me a f__king attitude. Why the hell that all Hong Kong guys have to act like a loser in front of their girls? Why do all Hong Kong girls have such an unbearable attitude, and wanna act like a queen all the time?

I always open the door with a smile and welcome my beloved home, but what I got is just a f__ked up attitude with a "lo-fung" looked with blaming all the time. Blaming for locking the door, blaming for shoes blocking the door . . . All the time, is just asking for serving, but never ever try to be gentle on the other half.

I don't know whether its the Hong Kong style, but I hate it. Don't ever tell me that "I clean the floor, I wash the toilet seat, I do this or I do that . . ." All of these can be done by a maid. What I need is just a gentle three words from you, "I love you." Unfortunately, Hong Kong girls would never act softly to the other side. Yes, you earned your degree. Yes, you got a nice job, but that's not what the other need. Be considerate, but from your perspective, but the other one.

I hate Hong Kong.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Chinese . . .

Under the lately economic crisis, lots of country poured money just like dumpling wasted water into their own stock markets, in order to stable it a bit. The America was the pioneer in this kind of action, and it poured 40 Million (USD) out of the government saving. Afterwards, other countries followed.

The higher officials of the Republic of China kept saying that the economic crisis didn't scratch China at all, not even a bit . . . Yeah right my ass! From the news, factories were closing down one by one. Moreover, I read a news that the Chinese are gonna pour 4 Trillion into its market, which will be the biggest pour every in the world history!

Yeah my ass, f__king Chinese! Keep lying, keep acting, keep fooling the wise with your dumb stupid moronic face-saving words. The rest of the world are smart enough to "believe" in you!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love the America

The America is a place full of hope. Anything can happen in there. The first black American president was finally born. What's left is a female president, and I can foresee it's coming sooner than we can notice.

To me, as an American. I am super proud of my right to vote. Voting for my president. Voting for my future. Voting for my dream.

I love the America

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dog-Shit Luck

I am not anyone special nor successful, but I have dog-shit luck (Chinese phase for a damn lucky person) in my life.

I was brought to the America in 1994. My family skipped the Asian Economic Crisis in 1997. I graduated in 2000, which is right after the I.T. Crisis, but I found a not too bad job in The New York Times. In 2003, I was working for the New York Post, when Hong Kong was under the SARS attack. I came back to Hong Kong in 2005. I worked for the Hallmark Cards for 1 year, then I moved to China. I moved back to Hong Kong in 2007, right after my returned, China released a new labor law, which nearly killed 1/3 of its factories in the Southern part. I jumped out of the Production/QA area to the academic in 2007. After a year of suffering, I am now upgraded to a better contract, which stabled me during the World Economic Crisis from 2008 - who knows how long it will be.

In my opinion, I don't believe the crisis that we are facing would last for 2-3 years only. You may say that it's a new era, and we can't refer to the old American history. Yeah, that might be true, but I tended to believe and to anaylsis with root and ground. If the America took 20 years to overcome its last Great Depression by fighting in the WWII, then this time the whole world may take >5 years to overcome "the economic crisis that no one have seen before". I hope not to, but we might ended up in war sooner or later. I believe all humans are evils. We gotta to whatever we have to do, in order to survive and to achieve more than surviving.

I hope I am wrong upon my message above. If I were right, then I hope my dog-shit luck will be with me for my whole entire life.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding Photo — Spring (Spring is the name of the photo company)

Finally after months of waiting, I got back my wedding photo today. Of course, I immediately retouched some of them and posted them onto both of my blog (this blog) and my facebook. Images below are some of those :) You Enjoy!

Connie And Bon's Wedding Photo by Spring

First of all, I started the series with a lovely Connie image.

I love the four images below a lot. I love to be an asshole, which the images totally reflect my cheap and asshole-liked personality.

I love this dress a lot, as it's kind of Chinese mixing the western.

Don't you love the two backgrounds below? It's hard to get such scenes in Hong Kong. This is the reason why I went photo-shooting with Spring.

I on purposely making myself as a background human prop, in order to outstand Connie.

The photo part is done, so what's left is the . . . read wedding on 11/29/08.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Perspective Change

I started teaching university when I was 25. It's been six year . . . I always kept reminding myself to take a step back and not to waste any personal caring upon these young comers. Friendship can be built, but only based on industrial related areas. I thought that I was strong enough to keep my thinking and self-promising, but once again proven that I was wrong.

In 2001, I didn't realize how much I love the America until the fall of the Twin Towers in the 911. I thought that I was a Chinese with a deep Hong Kong root, but I was totally turned over by my self-inner feeling. Currently, the America is facing another challenge. AIG has been disolved. The America is heading towards a Mega Depression . . . I called it Mega Depression, as mega > great. Great Depression happened during the 20's. I am worried. I feel that my home country is suffering. I am in deep sorrow inside my heart. I am hurt and unhappy . . . I am an American-Chinese!

Lately, I kept thinking how bad the situation is. Moreover, I even worry for all of the soon-to-be graduates. As their lecturer, I totally understand that I should keep myself a step back and not to over pay personal feeling on them, but I couldn't help it. Once again, I disporved myself. I worry for the coming depressed market. I worry that most of them cannot be what they want to be, I am sorry for them.

Life is strange. What you are deeply believing in might be changed one day. Maybe, this is what people called, aging . . . or a better term, maturing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Chronicle Of A Swordman III

After more than 1 year, the new The Chronicle Of A Swordman has arrived. The making of this story isn't an easy task at all. I tried, tough . . .

The Chronicle Of A Swordman III
The New Era


Chapter 1: The Swordman and The Comrade
Chapter 2: The Far East Ancient City
Chapter 3: A New Revolution
Chapter 4: The Three Thousand Army
Chapter 5: The Dancing Of The Iron
Chapter 6: The Bias Settlement
Chapter 7: A Spark In The West

The Chronicle Of A Swordman II
The Swordman Returns


Chapter 1: The Dark Age Returns
Chapter 2: The Reinforced Iron
Chapter 3: The Torn Rose
Chapter 4: The Land Of The Orient
Chapter 5: Unfreeing . . .
Chapter 6: The Forest Of Seclusion
Chapter 7: The Magical Comrade
Chapter 8: A New World

The Chronicle Of A Swordman I
The Swordman And His Big Iron


Chapter 1: The Chaotic Era
Chapter 2: The Birth Of The Wanned
Chapter 3: The Powerful Protectors
Chapter 4: The Great Fleeing
Chapter 5: The Sleeping Iron
Chapter 6: The Rise Of The Swordman
Chapter 7: The Renaissance

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Am What I Am!

Changing matures a person. Years ago, while I was still young . . . a teenage, I was blinded by the bounced Hong Kong environment. Believing in lots of stuffs . . . like forever friendship, stable parental love, fine living environment . . . It was like I was being protected by a circle of stableness. The world outside Hong Kong seemed to be non of my f__king business, and I can care less for it.

After the eleven years torturing over the America, I was matured by the America. Speaking in being matured may not be the exact phase, but I couldn't find another way to describe it. Put it this way, change smoothened me. With all of the comings and the goings, I realized changing is the only truth of everything.

I don't really feel that I am rooted to any special place. Where I like, there I go. I am not afraid of giving up all of the opportunities or whatever I have in hand for a new challenge. I did it before, I can handle it again later.

I don't think any relationship can last forever. Not parental love, friendship, nor couple love. I believe in treasuring in what's in hand right now, but not scare or afraid of losing at anytime. Lately, I realized that I don't have much feeling upon hatred, or I should say I don't have much feeling upon most stuffs. No point to hate or to fall in lovely deeply, as one day . . . you will die sooner or later even BeeBee will. It's like whenever you think that you have everything in hand, actually . . . all are not yours.

Never keeping feeling within myself! I am expressive. I express all my feeling and thinking without consideration at anytime and anywhere. I believe in the theory of "Right In This Moment - to do or not to do, that's it!" For Hamlet, he believes in "To be or not to be, that's the question." I totally disagree, as there is a time frame within the word, "be" and why the hell have to analyze what the inner question is. I don't like to carry stuffs forward to later, which conflicts with lots of the people with a deep Chinese background or mindset, but I can care less. I am what I am.

I love Connie, BeeBee, and CeiCei, but I am not afraid to loss anyone of them. As long as they are still being with me one day, I shall protect all of them in my own way! Live the day and f__k the past! Not being considerate? Who cares . . . actually I should say, I can care less for all of the comments from the "Whole Family Die" (Chinese slang) around me in Hong Kong. I will always act in my own way! The Bon way!